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Our Comprehensive Services

RD Benefits Group is compensated by third parties in the form of a service commission on products sold. The following services are provided at no additional cost to the group:

Strategic Assessment and objective setting

  • Client meeting to review current plan year operation
  • Realign plan specifications with sponsor objectives

Shop Available Modes

  • Prepare carrier analysis
  • Prepare benefit comparison
  • Make recommendations based on client’s objectives

Plan design cost impact analysis planning

  • Develop cost sharing analysis
  • Create optional benefits structure with resulting savings and/or costs

Plan funding and cash flow analysis

Ongoing plan administration and health plan financial monitoring

  • Manage and maintain insurance policy and service provider agreements
  • Assist in staff training on benefit communication, enrollment and billing issues
  • Intercede on behalf of client to resolve difficult claims or administrative issues with product or service provider

Legislative compliance

Marketing of service vendors, i.e. internet based enrollment and communication service packages, COBRA, and  HIPAA, FSA administrative services

Renewal analysis and negotiation

Plan change documentation

Open enrollment coordination and communication

  • Plan documentation
  • Employee communication materials
  • Coordinate employee meetings
  • Coordinate and oversee employee enrollment documents, including submission to service or insurance provider
  • Shop available markets

Management and oversight of third party vendors for HIPAA, COBRA, FSA, and ERISA

Contract and document management