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Funding Solutions

RD Benefits Group has provided corporate and financial institutions with solutions to help maximize their returns on assets and invested capital. Our advisors have the product knowledge and market position to determine the optimal funding strategy for our clients’ financial requirements, including Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI), Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) and Trust Owned Life Insurance (TOLI).

We provide results-oriented process which provides information on ways in which a company can reduce expense, mitigate risk, and improve returns. We facilitate in maximizing the role, function and performance of the funding and financing arrangements used to fund our client’s programs. We continually monitor these plans to ensure its performing efficiently and properly diversified*, and whether it is at risk from a tax, legal or regulatory perspective.

*Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

  • Corporate Funding Solutions
  • Bank (Financial Institutions) Funding Solutions
  • Other Post Employee Benefit (OPEB) Funding Solutions
  • Credit Union Funding Solutions

Corporate Funding Solutions

Companies often use tax-advantaged Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) policies as financing vehicles to set aside assets for future benefit obligations (e.g., deferred compensation plan, SERP, VEBA, and asset management strategies). COLI products are popular because of the tax advantages they provide to the corporation.

In addition to traditional registered and off the shelf COLI products, RD Benefits Group offers customized products to qualified purchasers. These customized products can offer greater flexibility in investment managers and investment styles, low, explicit, and amortized expense charges, contractual guarantees, and more efficient liquidity strategies.

By emphasizing lower expenses and cash accumulation instead of death benefits, these customized products can be tailored to match a company's cash flow needs. Many companies currently use this type of funding vehicle.

Our experience has provided our clients with access to pricing and product enhancements. The result is maybe more efficient insurance asset with potentially better return on capital.