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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know which plan fits my staff's needs and my firm’s budget?

A. RD Benefits Group is staffed with professionals experienced to guide you through the different plans available. We will assist you in designing a plan that meets the firm’s budget, without sacrificing quality of coverage.

Q. If my firm does not want a group rate/plan, can I still obtain a quote for me and my family?

A. Certainly. RD Benefits Group can provide a quote for an Individual and his/her family.

Q. My firm is composed of myself and another employee. Can we qualify for a group quote?

A. Yes, one employee and the owner of the firm can quality for a CalCPA group. The same requirements are true of non-CalCPA groups.

Q. What role does RD Benefits Group play beyond the proposal process?

A. RD Benefits Group provides a seamless process of qualifying and enrolling your employees in the selected health plan; this includes distribution of materials, cost sharing analysis, and benefit communication to employees, through case approval.

Q. What other services does RD Benefits Group provide during the plan year?

A. RD Benefits Group is actively involved with each of its clients through the plan year. Upon request from our clients we assist them in the management and maintenance of their insurance policies, and service provider agreements. We intercede on behalf of a client to resolve difficult claims or administrative issues with product or service provider.