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Executive Plan Services

To attract, retain and reward highly valued employees, companies sponsor nonqualified benefit arrangements such as deferred compensation plans, supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs), benefit restoration plans, and 401(k) excess plans, among others. While "qualified" plans, such as 401(k) plans, must follow rigid IRS and ERISA guidelines, nonqualified plans provide the sponsoring company the ability to design the plan based on its own goals and objectives. Companies can select participant eligibility, determine compensation sources and impose vesting schedules. For key executives, the tax-deferred savings and earnings opportunities these plans offer make them one of the most effective ways to accumulate wealth.

There are many different types of nonqualified plans, an endless number of plan design variations, and numerous informal funding strategies to hedge and offset the liabilities these plans can create. RD Benefits Group facilitates all of the administrative, recordkeeping and communications functions and can customize those services to meet individual client requirements. A dedicated, multi-disciplinary network (alliance) of professionals and support staff is assigned to each client to facilitate the implementation and/or transition process.

For more than three decades, RD Benefits Group has specialized in providing strategies and services related exclusively to executive benefit plans, using a systematic approach that reduces our clients’ internal staffing needs and conserves their valuable resources. Today, we continue to develop solutions to deliver more value to our clients and their key executives.

  • Plan Design Solutions
  • Informal Funding
  • Enrollment & Communication
  • Plan Administration
  • Compliance